C++ course content

C++ Overview

⚪ C++ Characteristics ⚪ Object-Oriented Terminology ⚪ Polymorphism ⚪ Object-Oriented Paradigm ⚪ Abstract Data Types 
⚪ I/O Services ⚪ Standard Template Library ⚪ Standards Compliance 

Functions and Variables

⚪ Functions: Declaration and Definition ⚪ Variables: Definition, Declaration, and Scope ⚪ Variables: Dynamic Creation and Derived Data ⚪ Arrays and Strings in C++ ⚪ Qualifiers 

Classes in C++

⚪ Defining Classes in C++ ⚪ Classes and Encapsulation ⚪ Member Functions ⚪ Instantiating and Using Classes ⚪ Using Constructors ⚪ Multiple Constructors and Initialization Lists ⚪ Using Destructors to Destroy Instances ⚪ Friendship 

Operator Overloading

⚪ Operator Overloading ⚪ Working with Overloaded Operator Methods 

Initialization and Assignment

⚪ Initialization vs. Assignment ⚪ The Copy Constructor ⚪ Assigning Values ⚪ Specialized Constructors and Methods              ⚪ Constant and Static Class Members 


Storage Management

⚪ Memory Allocation ⚪ Dynamic Allocation: new and delete 


⚪ Overview of Inheritance ⚪ Defining Base and Derived Classes ⚪ Constructor and Destructor Calls 


⚪ Overview of Polymorphism 

Input and Output in C++ Programs

⚪ Standard Streams ⚪ Manipulators ⚪ Unformatted Input and Output ⚪  File Input and Output 


⚪ Exceptions ⚪ Inheritance and Exceptions ⚪ Exception Hierarchies ⚪ Inside an Exception Handler 


⚪ Template Overview ⚪ Customizing a Templated Method ⚪ Standard Template Library Containers 

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