Objective C Syllabus
Introduction to C Programming Language

⚪ Basic Datatypes in C ⚪ Statements & Loops used in C ⚪ Functions in C ⚪ Hands-On C Compiler

OOPs Introduction

⚪ Concepts of OOPs ⚪ Use of OOPs concepts

 Objective C

⚪ Difference between Objective C & C ⚪ Keywords of Objective C

Write Methods in Objective C

⚪ Create classes using Xcode tool ⚪ Create multi-parameter methods


⚪ Write protocols using protocols

 Memory Management

⚪ Managing memory in Objective C ⚪ Difference between Old & New Management

Framework in iOS

⚪ Why we use Foundation Framework ⚪List of Frameworks in iOS ⚪Foundation Framework ⚪Classes under Foundation 


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